Monday, September 29, 2008

Orson at MBA

Angie and Orson
Debbie, Kacey, Alycia and Jan

Most Monday's I am ready for them to end before they begin but today I would not of been disappointed if it had lasted a little longer. We had the great privilege to go and hear Orson speak at MBA. He did not have long but what time he had he used it wisely. He spoke about everything from his time with the FTC all the way back to his being a prisoner during the Vietnam War.

I love to hear him talk about being a prisoner of war. I don't particularly like to hear how badly Orson was treated but I do love to hear his stories of courage. To me they are courageous to him they were survival skills he used and used well to honor his country. Through all of the torture he never gave up any information that would go against his country The United States of America. The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave. I am so grateful to men like Orson who gave up so much to keep this great country free.

We also got to spend a few minutes with Angie and Orson. We had not seen them in a while so of course we had to get the cameras out and take some memories. While Orson was talking to a Government class we sat outside enjoyed each other and the beautiful fall day.

Alycia and Kacey, Finally a good pic with me and the girls, Jan and the Girls.

Orson and Angie

Every time I hear Orson speak it makes me proud to be an American. Maybe we need to hear more of these veterans speak so that we can be more appreciative of what we have. Sometimes I feel like the generation coming up takes to much for granted and needs to be reminded that all of our freedom was not free...somebody paid the price.

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