Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer is over...

As of Monday summer was officially over. All of the swimming, tanning, traveling, getting pedicures, staying out late, ballgames, riding with the top down(not in my car Alycia's of course.), and plain ole' good times are through until next year. I can't believe that summer 08' is over. I seems like yesterday it began. Every year the summer goes faster. They say that time flies when you are having fun. (Who is They?) Whoever they are they are pretty smart, because their right summer just keeps getting faster and faster. I used to think my mom was crazy for saying that but now I know she was right. Time does fly when you are having fun or maybe the saying should be "Time flies when your busy, you don't necessarily have to be having fun.
This summer I did have a lot of fun. I went on two church trips. One was a trip to Florida and the other was a mission trip to Muncie Indiana. Both of the trips were awesome. Alycia my oldest went with me on the Mission Trip. We roofed the house of a wonderful lady. Daisy our homeowner had cancer and was undergoing treatments while we were there. That didn't slow her down one bit. Every morning she would fill the refrigerator in her garage with Gatorade and water. I went with Kacey and Alycia to Florida. It was my first year as a chaperon. Florida was beautiful that week and Landon Dowden our speaker was amazing.

Me and the girls. Kacey washing Alycia's feet. Hard Hats 08'

Alycia and Tomi at World Changers. Kacey and Erin in Florida.

Alycia/friends X-Fuge 08', Alycia and Kacey :)

World Changers 08' . Miss Daisy & Debbie , Laura & Debbie relaxing. :)
With all of the smiles in these pictures you would never believe that we worked hard. We also played hard. I am so thankful and consider myself to of been blessed to spend my summer with all of these wonderful folks.

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