Monday, September 1, 2008

God Provides

Today has made me see God's providence for me and my family so clearly. It is like I have put on a pair of new reading glasses and the pages that I am reading are clear.

God helped me go to a place that I thought I probably would never be able to go back to. It was my previous church. A church that I had been going to for the past ten years. The church that my kids had grown up in and the church where Kenny and I had been very active. We were invited to a reception that was being given for a wonderful lady. A lady that I have always loved. She is someone that makes you say "Wow!" Her love for the Lord seems to seep out of every part of her life.

Well, when I think I have everything figured out God always throws something else into the mix. My youngest daughter Kacey started crying not long after we entered the Family Life Center where the reception was being given. We told her if she wanted to stay in the car one of us would stay with her. She was very determined to go in and face whatever was in that building. Kacey was expecting friends that had loved her since she was little. How scary could that be...very scary!!(to me.) I was starting to feel my insides churn. I thought maybe this was a mistake. I had not been inside long and it hit me, this no longer feels like home. This had been home for years and there was nothing tugging at me.

There were many kind hugs and many that were not so kind. I saw people steer away from me, talk in corners, and point fingers. It was like I was watching a movie that was unfolding in front of me. About 30 minutes into the reception I started thanking God for providing a place for my family. He provided a place where we can worship with a church family that is loving and supportive. I have been thankful all along but today I was humbled that God had provided for us.

When we got home last night Kacey posted a report about her night. It said, "Kacey has gone to thbc..cried most the night:(( but i still love my church. PBF ROCKS!" Someone responded to her and said, "Your new church loves you too. Don't worry PBF has your back!" That's what you expect from your church family.

Never become so comfortable that you are not doing the Lords work, He knows and He will correct the problem. Once again I want to say, "I am humbled by Gods providence."

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