Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week Two...Boost!

Sunday evening Bible Study. I was looking forward to this day all week. After my first class last week I have been ready to know how when your watching a TV show that continues every week and you wish they would make a ten hour show and stop the suspense. Well tonight Bro. Danny could of talked for two more hours. The study, the questions, the comments and just the all around feel was amazing. There were so many questions answered that I had pondered before but had never really understood. It is an non-intimidating study nothing is considered silly or unimportant.

As I had said last week Kenny and I decided to do the "Kingdom of God" study. For years I was in the mind set that I knew it all or at least all that I needed to know. I was saved when I was 16 and I knew where I would go in the end. I, I, I! This makes me sound so selfish. Selfish...what a very disturbing word. It is just nearly embarrassing for me to say it out loud. Tonight we were talking about the "all about me thing." You know...God came and died on the cross for me. There is so much more and I left feeling like I had stolen something from God and myself tonight. You know it is not all about me, me, me...or even you, you, is about Him, Him, HIM!!! I had stolen the glory from him that he deserves and I stole the knowledge of Him from myself. How could I be so selfish? I am sure over the next weeks I will discover these answers.

I am so amazed at how forgiving God is with us. He just keeps coming back trying to teach and fill us with the knowledge of Himself. You know there has been many times I have tried to teach my kids things and when I realize that they were not listening or that they didn't care I just moved on because it was taking up my time. Luckily God does not give up on us so quickly.

I need to thank our wonderful God for being patient and willing to wait until I am ready to listen. I also need to thank Him for being such a great example to me. I need to use his example of patience in my life with the girls, my husband, my family, my neighbors, when I am waiting in line and when I think that my time is more important that others. I need to not be so me, me, me centered and remember that Gods image is seen in me by others. I want it to be Him that they are seeing not the selfish Debbie.

We are just in week two and already I am learning some life changing things. We have four weeks to go. I don't think I can wait. Patience.....

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