Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Youth...The Future!


This morning I opened up my e-mail and this is what I found. Pictures of our Florida trip. All the smiles on the kids faces took me back to that week. The week had started with some sadness. We were going as two churches not one. You could see the pain in their faces as we stood outside the church and waited to get on the bus. Nobody knew what this week would bring.

The first night in Florida our Youth Pastor Tom brought the big pink elephant into the forefront. He let us know that it was ok to feel the way we did. He also let us know that this was the perfect week for us to focus on God and to let Him help us to heal.

It was amazing how God worked that week. It was like our speaker Landon Dowden had a direct line to God and knew exactly what we needed to hear. So many times I would say "Wow!" I wish THBC and Providence Baptist Fellowship were here to experience what God has explained to us today.

We came back as one youth group. The kids realized they were friends no matter where they went to church. I wish as adults we could have this attitude. Sometimes through our daily lives we get hardened to the simple things. These kids are an example to me on how to move forward. That does not mean that I don't struggle, but it is getting better. We need to remember the youth daily in our prayers. Our youth are an important part of the Church...they are the future!

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