Thursday, September 4, 2008

Go Sarah!

Wow!! What a speech. I can't remember the last time I wanted to hear a speech. When we got home last night after church Kenny was getting ready to watch Seinfeld. This is our normal routine. Tonight I objected to Seinfeld I wanted to watch Sarah Palin. All of the talk over the past few days sparked my interest in this woman. They were talking about her being pro-life, a christian, a mother of five, a wife, the Governor of Alaska and a hunter. I was thinking to myself she must be some sort of super woman. Well after last night I am going to add on heck of a speaker to her list. I don't think once during her speech did a smile leave my face. Well maybe once when she was talking about her son that has downs syndrome, but still I ended up smiling because you could see the love she has for her family in the way she talked about them.

Usually by this time I am sick of all of the political hub-bub, but this year I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. I know one thing who-ever brings it better watch out because Sarah Palin does not care to stick it to you with a smile on her face. Go Sarah!!


Power Up Love said...

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Kendra Lee said...

Thanks for stopping by! Is PBC a new church? We are launching a church in Ohio. Our final preview service is tomorrow and our launch is October 5th!