Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a wonderful friend...

This evening as I was setting up for our Youth Small Groups a really wonderful lady that I love came in to see me. I have three of her kids in youth and all three of them are as sweet as the day is long. Melissa is talented at crocheting. She is always crocheting somebody a baby blanket or Christmas present. Tonight she brought in a beautiful blanket. I thought she was going to show it to me but guess what?!?!? It was for me!!!! She had no idea how much I love crocheted blankets. My grandmother used to always make them for my family. I am so touched that she took the time to make me a blanket. She told me she knew how much I loved to take my Sunday afternoon now I would have a blanket that is just mine to wrap up in. The first thing I did when I got home tonight was put my pj's on and wrapped up in my blanket!!!!!

Thank you Melissa!! You are a blessing to me.

God is so Good!

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