Friday, February 20, 2009

DOXA Weekend!!!

It is finally here our DOXA weekend. At first I was not sure how this would go...look at the name Doxa. I didn't know what it meant...or even how to say it. How could it be any fun...when you have to look up the word to know what it is? Well...Tom our Youth Minister has done it!!! He pulled it off. He has gotten our church and two more fired up for an amazing weekend that will be spent praising God!!!!

We are meeting Friday night to kick off the weekend. Brent Gambrell will be our preacher and the band "24" will be there for us to praise Jesus in song. Friday night we will be staying in houses that have been provided by some wonderful folks. Saturday morning we will be getting up and eating breakfast and going back to the central location and having a morning service. After lunch on Saturday we are going to Laser Quest for an afternoon of fun and fellowship. Saturday evening after we eat dinner at our host homes we will be meeting back for another service with Brent and some great music. Saturday night we will go back to the host homes to discuss the weekend with our small groups. Sunday morning we will be going to Providence for our regular morning service. The music on Sunday will be led by Dallas, Daniel, Andrew and Nick. By Sunday morning we should be floating into the sanctuary. Can't wait!!!!!

I am so excited about this weekend and what it can mean for the lives of our youth. Be in prayer that if there is anyone that does not know the Lord as his/her personal savior that they will come to know Him this weekend. Be in prayer for all of the leaders to have the right words to answer the questions that teenagers ask. Pray for there to be many come and many hear the word of God and everything that is done this weekend be done for HIS glory!!!!

The Greek word doxa in the Greek translations of the Old Testament and of the New Testament is usually rendered "glory" in the English versions, a translation of the Latin gloria. The Hebrew word kabod is usually rendered "honour" when applied to man, but rendered "glory" when applied to our Heavenly Father.


God is so Good!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a wonderful weekend you have planned for the youth of your church!! I'm hoping and praying that their lives will be impacted by the power of God!!! Enjoy yourself and I'll be praying that you'll receive an extra blessing for all the work you've done in preparing a wonderful event!!! Enjoy, post some pictures!!

Blessings and Joy said...

Will be praying for you all this weekend...that God would move and that many would come to know His loving character.

Blessings to you for all you do!