Friday, February 27, 2009

How do we say Thank You???

Post It/Wrap It Baby!!!

One of the rules this past weekend was that we were not to be out rolling yards. Of course Staci and I had already decided to do some rolling. We thought that it was best not to since it had been mentioned from the stage in the sanctuary. On Saturday night Tom our youth pastor put a few more rules out there for rolling, no wrapping, no egging, no oreo cookie's on anything basically we were to go home and do nothing. So...Staci and I decided after our small group that night that we should saran wrap Toms car on Sunday after Sunday School and before Church service. I have always said that the yards you roll and cars you wrap belong to people that you really like because you wouldn't go to that much trouble for someone you didn't like. It's almost an honor...right??? We also figured that we couldn't get in trouble after the fact. It wasn't actually DOXA weekend anymore and what a wonderful way to say "thank you!"

Thanks Bro. Tom for the wonderful weekend!

God is so Good!

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