Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Heart is Here!

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This slide show tells you where my heart is. I truely love working with the youth. They are our future and I am so proud of all of these wonderful kids. I can't watch this without crying. So many good times and wonderful memories. Loving our kids to the Lord!

God is so Good!


Kelley said...

These are some awesome kids! Thank you for your service...they love their Mrs. Debbie (and, of course, Kenny too).

Blessings and Joy said...

What great pictures and how wonderful that YOU are making an impact in their lives. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Debbie said...

I am very sorry for the comment that has been written here but I have deceided to leave it. I know that all of these kids are not part of my church now but when they were taken we were one church. I have many fond memories and love everyone that is in the pictures. I hope that one day you can look back and see the joy that we shared. God is an awesome God and he wants for us to heal. My healing comes from all the smiles and good times I had at THBC.

Kelley said...

WOW! This is probably one of those times where I'm going to wish later that I had just "let it go" but, at the moment, I can't. I have no response to "Anonymous" except to say that you are a coward. Debbie, please don't let this discourage you from ministering to the children/youth that you love; please don't let it discourage you from sharing your thoughts here and PLEASE don't let this question the service that you have provided to all kids (past, present and future) in the name of Jesus. Simply see and know that if "anonymous" was as bold as his/her statement, they'd happily sign their name. Lastly, a comment like this has me counting my blessings with PBF topping the list.

Staci said...

Debbie, please know that those of us that have children in your presence every week are very BLESSED. We know that you love them and are sharing Jesus with them in a very real way. Yes, 'anonymous' is a coward, probably jealous of you and the joy you have in your service to kids in the name of Jesus. I am thankful for you and what you do for us all at PBF. Looking forward to spending the weekend with you!!

Debbie said...

Kelley and Staci thank you both so much for the support. I am so thankful to PBF and friends like you. God is so Good!!!

This weekend is going to be fun!!!

Anonymous said...


I am glad that you post the pictures. I worked with these kids for eight years, and this lets me keep up with them. I enjoy seeing them no matter what church they attend.

Tammy Borren