Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have been wanting to BE the church and this morning I read a blog by that just said it all. If you have a chance go by and read it. It made me think how sad our churches can become if we get in our minds "We got our ticket to walk through the pearly gates and walk on the golden streets so why bother with those out there that need God and our help."
On a lighter note I would like to share a picture today to of three guys I just love. One of them is my husband(green shirt). This was taken at our Super Bowl Fellowship! They are proud of their teef's! lol :)

Today try to think of a way to reach outside your comfort zone and tell about the God that you love.
Have a BLESSED day!

God is so Good!


Kendra Lee said...

Thanks for the link Debbie! I love the pix of the men!!

I have to upload 2 pix from the Steelers NFC (or AFC) championship... then again at the Superbowl. Kevin and two of his buds were sitting in the exact same positions! LOL

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I'm heading over to the link in a minute, but first wanted to drop a line and say "Hi!" Love the picture of your hubby. I wonder if they were sore after that pose?? Looks like you all had fun. Have a blessed day!

Niki Ary said...

Thank you for sharing the link. This is exactly what the church is supposed to be about and it reminded me I need to not be so self absorbed and remember that even though I am hurting there are a lot of other people who are hurting too and I should be using the time I have to try to help others.