Thursday, February 26, 2009

Glory, Glory and More GLORY!

Wow, today is Friday...I don't know where this week went. I haven't posted since last Friday. Saturday and Sunday's post were done on Friday because I knew that I would not have time.
I spent Monday recuperating and catching up on sleep. Tuesday and Wednesday were used to just plain ole' catch up on everything else.

This weekend was amazing. If it was up to me I would do this all the time. I would just go from one youth weekend to the next. I think (no I know) this weekend did our adults as much good as it did the kids. So put your seat belts on and hang on tight because I am fixin' to give you the whirlwind tour of our GLORY-ious weekend.

Friday we met at the host church at 7:00 p.m. for sign-ups and some fellowship before the services started at 8:00. There were so many faces I knew and a bunch that I didn't know. There were three different youth groups coming to this Disciple Now Weekend. You could feel the excitement in the room. Little did we know how amazing this weekend was going to be. The band was Making Mallory and the speaker for the weekend was Brent Gambrell. Wow!!!

Brent Gambrell China loving the band!

Making Mallory

Saturday started off early. Which anything would of felt early being as we didn't get in the bed until after 3:30 a.m. There was 12 girls at the host home where I stayed. Twelve girls in one house...AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! The thought was scary at first but these girls were wonderful. Saturday they were up and all ready an hour before we had to be there. Amazing!!

We had a great breakfast consisting of pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, bacon egg and cheese casserole, fruit, orange juice, milk and a whole lot of COFFEE!!

This mornings music and study was even better than the night before. I thought that the kids might have a hard time staying awake but once again Brent Gambrell and the band Making Mallory were too good to miss. Not a shut eye or bobbing head in the house. After our morning session we had a pizza lunch at the host church. Once we finished lunch we were off to Laser Quest.

After Laser Quest we went to our host homes for a taco dinner and to get ready for the evening session. As tired as the girls were they were ready to go when the cars rolled. That told me a whole lot about how much they were enjoying Brent Gambrell and Making Mallory.

Saturday evening was amazing! There were several teenagers saved and a whole bunch of them that realized that their lives were not going in the right direction. I am so proud when teenagers have the foresight to see that they may be heading down the wrong road. God is working in their lives and it is an amazing work to watch. Saturday night we met once again back at our host house for the evening and discussed our thoughts about the message. You could not keep our girls quiet. Amen!!!!!!

One of the themes that has stuck with our kids is that we need to be a funnel. We can keep pouring and pouring the word of God into our kids but if they don't use what has been poured in it will become stagnant. We must have the word of God poured into us and it must flow out of us into our lives, schools, friendships, families and communities. We must be the funnel not the stagnant pool of water.

God is so Good!

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