Thursday, October 30, 2008



Today after a pretty intense week so far Kacey and I decided that we needed some pumpkin carving time. We had let it slip up on us this year. This is something that has become a family tradition. Kacey usually picks out the pumpkins, the girls pick their design and then Kenny helps them carve. I am usually in charge of taking pictures and cleaning up the mess of course. It is a fun, messy, light hearted night that always brings a smile.

We had a lot of fun and made a huge mess. Alycia I think likes to clean out the pumpkins as much if not more than any of the rest of the stuff. She is a pumpkin cleaning freak. (Yuk! this is the part that I hated so I am glad she likes to do it.) Alycia's pattern this year was easy and it was not hard to see what she had done. Kacey's was an easy pattern also but it was really hard to see so she was upset that it didn't turn out good until we put the candle in and sat her pumpkin outside. Wow! It was great! Even Wags got into the festivities. Kacey and Wags carved a pumpkin and Wags of course helped me with cleaning up anything that was dropped on the floor. Once again we have some really great pumpkins sitting on the front porch with the scarecrows. Granny, Kenny and I enjoyed some coffee after the madness. It was a blessed evening.

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