Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just tell the TRUTH!!!

This is a post that I started after the Vice Presidential Debate. I have had problems posting it and now I know why...I have been praying daily for our country, our leaders, the right leaders for our country and for some sort of clear decision for me. I have become very un-trusting of both sides...yes I said both sides. As you read this post the red words are after the Palin-Biden debate and the blue words are after the debate last night at Belmont.

Go...Sara...Go!! (Not so sure now!)

I am so tired of hearing everyone discuss Sara Palin like she is not smart enough to get out of the rain. They are all talking about her like she is not even a real woman. All of the lefties are so offended that a real woman would protect the life of an unborn child. Instead they would rather her say that she thinks its fine to kill babies for selfish reasons. Marriage she feels is between one man and one woman. Amen Sister! It is so refreshing to hear this from her and know that she is telling us her true beliefs. Not just what will get votes.

There have been few times in the past that I have been proud to say that I am voting for a certain ticket. (Well as of last night I am not proud. I feel like they are all just politicians that have their own agenda.)The McCain-Palin ticket this year is exciting. I know that they are Republicans (I am a Republican too) and right now the Republicans are not looking so good...but I feel like these two are not our everyday Republicans.(Same ole' same ole') They seem to make me think that they want to buck the system. Sara Palin sold her personal plane in Alaska on e-bay for goodness sake. How normal is that for Washington? Someone giving up a perk...How weird is that?? I don't care what she does... (Well, I do care.)I am ready for her to shake up the Senate and help them to understand that everybody doesn't have drivers, maids, big paychecks w/huge retirements, fancy clothes, an apartment and a house, or several homes and people waiting on them hand and foot. I also want her to explain to them that this is their job and it is not ok for them to show up and vote when they feel like. We pay their big salary and if they don't want to show up and work we will find someone out here that would love to have their job.

I am not worried about Sara Palin knowing everything that the experts say she needs to know.(I am afraid they are going to corrupt her with all of their crap.) Maybe she is better off not knowing about all that junk. She will go in with a fresh mind. (To late they filled her full of all of the junk those three days she was in Arizona planning for the debate.)

Hopefully she will stay away from the beltway boys because they will corrupt her. I pray for her to stay fresh, down to earth and keep listening to her God. (our God!)

Well after last night I was disappointed in everyone. I want to hear substance that is important to all of us. Let me rephrase that I want to hear truthful substance. All of the slinging of crap is getting old. (I am going to have to sit in the cussing chair. Sorry.) I want to know how we are going to get out of this mess. You name it everything our government touches turns to...I want some common sense talk. Not all of this two year old squabbling. You did it, no you did it! Well its pretty obvious that everyone has their hands in this mess. Take responsibility and fix it!

This morning as I watched the talking heads on many of the channels I tried to get both sides opinion. Even Fox News was down on McCain. They were pointing out the untruths that Obama and McCain told. Obama 6, McCain 5. How can you get up in front of the whole nation and tell lies. Especially when most homes have Internet and all you have to do is look it up and have the answer instantly. One of the host of one of the shows said "If you say it enough it will become true." Give me a break! I don't care how many times I tell myself I am skinny...Oh you get the picture.

Even in all of this confusion I know God has a plan for this country. I feel blessed to have been born here (I was born in Japan in an American hospital.) instead of Cuba, Africa, Russia, China...and so many more. As I pray for the upcoming election I pray for guidance for me and my family in our decision. I also pray for others to seek Him in their decision. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican see Gods will this November and make sure you vote. Every vote matters.

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Niki Ary said...

I think you did an excellent job summarizing the challenge and sentiment we as Christians face. Neither candidate makes me really proud, but I like you am a republican, primarily because their ideals align most closely with my Christian values. I believe we all should be in prayer for the election and how God would have us vote. We also must trust in God's sovereign plan and know that He will bring glory to Himself even in the election. Thank you for sharing your thought. I will be praying for you.