Saturday, October 25, 2008

Falling in Love with Our Savior

I just had to give an update on our "Falling in Love with Our Savior" Brunch.

  • God blessed with a beautiful fall day.

  • A wonderful group of Ladies attended.

  • The decorations were amazing. On every table was a beautiful center piece. Made by Raluca. Wow!!!

  • The table of food looked like something you would see at a 5 star hotel. The presentation was incredible. There was croissants, quiche, muffins, muffins and more muffins, cheese cakes, an amazing fruit cup, banana bread w/cream cheese, fruit tea...I could go on and on.

  • Leigh led us in some songs that directed our hearts in the right HIM.

  • Paula introduced us to our Savior that we were going to be falling in love with. Paula spoke about who he was...our father, our creator, our alpha and omega, our strength, our peace, our protector, the one that pursues us. The list was long and eye opening. Paula has a love for God that bubbles out of her. In her voice you can hear her love for God.

  • Raluca followed Paula by telling and showing us how God made Adam with his own hands. Gods fingerprints were all over Adam. Raluca showed us this with clay. It was a great visual that gave me a chill. Just thinking about Gods fingerprints all over me was something I had not thought of before.

  • Amanda was next. I love to hear Amanda. She told a funny story of how us ladies over think things. How we are always talking to that little person in our heads. She read to us out of Acts 16. She told us about Lydia. She was a real woman that we all can relate to. The Lord opened Lydia's heart. He did it! Wow! Amanda asked us if we were putting ourselves in the position to hear from God.

  • Sara followed Amanda with a touching testimony. She talked of her life before she was a christian. She told of the emptiness that she felt even though she had everything she had worked for that was worldly. She told of how she accepted the Lord as her Savior. I was so touched to hear her speak about the lady that told her about the Lord. We have a special treasure in Sara that God will use with our youth.

  • Leigh ended the brunch with a song that brought tears to my eyes. "How Deep The Fathers Love For Us" Leigh's voice was loving and the words were a sermon all by themselves. He loves us so much. He gave his son for us so that we could have everlasting life. Sitting there listening I kept thinking how selfish are we to not return this love. He is our EVERYTHING! AMEN!

  • Today I didn't win a prize that I could take home and display. I received something greater than that...I received a deeper love for my Savior. I think everyone in that room today was blessed beyond anything they could imagine. When I got up this morning I was tired and talked to myself with that little voice in my head. I told myself that it would be ok if I didn't show up. I am so thankful I did go because God showed up and I felt his love. It was amazing!

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