Tuesday, October 14, 2008

God I want...

I want the perfect job...God give me the job I want.
I want to loose weight...God give me strength not to eat all that yummy chocolate.

I'm sick...God make me well.
I want a big house...God please give me a big house.

Our world is so focused on now, now, now that we don't slow down long enough to have a intimate relationship with God. Our society is an instant society. We ask for it and boom it should be there waiting.

I'm hungry...Fast food on every corner.
I'm sick...give me a pill.
I'm overweight...here's a pill and a plan to loose 20lbs. in 7 days.
I'm pale...10 minutes 3 times a week and you look like you have been on vacation.

In my bible study "Discovering the Voice of God" I have to come to the realization of how selfish I am. I have been trying to seek Gods direction more than just plain old getting to know God. I am always asking for something. I want to get his guidance and help but I don't want a relationship. It is like that great girl that you work with through the week that helps you in every way but you don't want her to come to your house and socialize with you and your family. You don't want her to know the real you...the one that leaves dishes in the sink, the dirty clothes piled up and sometimes says words that are less than nice.

Well...God wants for us to do more than just ask for help he wants a steady relationship. One of the very wise ladies in Bible Study today said that the reason sometimes we find it hard to have a close relationship with God is because it scares us to think that someone will know us that intimately. This is crazy God knows it all. He knows all of our flaws and quirks. He knows if we are control freaks, bad cooks, not very disciplined with our diet, have a bad temper, say words out loud or in our heads. God knows it all. I guess we feel that if we ever let God get that close that we will have to change. Have to change? I have to keep telling myself God knows anyway why am I afraid.

God I want...You to be my best friend.

God is so Good! Amen!

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