Friday, March 20, 2009

Praising Jesus in my PJ's and a Koby Update!

The first day of spring! I looked out my door this morning as Wags was playing I saw so much new life peeping through the ground. I love spring. All of the trees blooming and flowers coming to life. This song was a wonderful way for me to start the new season. As I was standing there looking at everything in my yard Gods presence and handy work was so beautiful. Join me this morning as I praise Jesus in my PJ's.

Many PRAISES to God about Koby this week! Yesterday Granny Jan (my mother-in-law) got to hold Koby for the first time since his surgery. Wow! God is so Good! Keep praying!

God is so Good!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

He looks so precious as she's hold if he hasn't been through the many hours of surgery he endured!!! And if you look close enough, it seems as if he's hands are raised towards heaven..praising his Great Physician!!!

Sarah Mae said...

He is so sweet - it is so sad when babies have to go through all that he has gone through. My heart breaks for these little ones, yet there is such joy at the same time for what God has planned for him. Your faith and perseverence are beautiful my friend.