Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who are these people?

Now that's a crazy title. I know you are thinking where is she going with this. Bear with me here for just a moment. At first this is going to sound like I was a self-centered person. Yes, probably self-centered but it wasn't because I wanted to be but because I had become so comfortable in my surroundings. Believe it or not I am not very outgoing until you get to know me...then you can't shut me up.

If you have read here long you know about this past year and all of the struggles that me, my family and my church has gone through. If not here is the short of it...member for 10 yrs, new pastor, a lot of turmoil, big vote, split of church I love, new beginning, new church that I love, pastor leaves, another new beginning. A whole lot of life over the past six months. A whole lot of tears, joy, pain, more tears, more pain and more joy.

Now to my title "Who are these people?" I am embarrassed to write this but I think that it is a great lesson for all of us. I had gone to the same church for 10 years. I was one of those folks that every time the church doors opened I was there. I loved my church. Now here comes the part I hate to admit. I thought I knew everyone. When the church split in July there was around 260 people that went to PBF. This is an amazing start to a new church. As I sat in the service the first Sunday I realized that the group that I normally ran with was not there. Yes there was a lot of friends but not many that I knew very well. Me, being me, kinda panicked. God had put me in a place that was way outside my comfort zone.

As I look back with a smile on my face I now know that this is where I am suppose to be. My new church is amazing and the people are so loving and kind. I am so ashamed that I never realized this before. This has been a good lesson for me. Never assume and never take others words for truth. Get out of your comfort zone and find out for yourself. You will probably be pleasantly surprised and disappointed that you didn't do it earlier. (I was) I am so thankful for the friendships I have at Providence. They are what has kept me sane through all of this.

Who are these people? They are my shoulder to cry on, my smile as I come through the door, they are the ones that help me teach, the ones that help me sweep, the ones that write a sweet note to cheer me up, the ones we gather with for fellowship, the ones that I pray for and pray for me, the ones I can't wait to see on Sunday, the ones I laugh with and the ones that look out for my kids. Who are these people? They are my FRIENDS. My friends who have come together in Christian love and made this year a year I will never forget. Not because it was a bad year but because of all of the BLESSINGS!

God is so Good!

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