Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Blahhhh!

Well...I have taken down all of the decorations, put all of the boxes away, cleaned up after the kids New Years Eve party, caught up on all of the laundry, started reading my Bible daily, read my Bible resolution verse daily and for some reason I still have a blah feeling. I thought the New Year is suppose to bring a renewal, a sense of joy, a peace and a calmness to everyone. Why not this year??? Well I know why...but I just can't make myself say it right now. Nothing life no concerns there. There have been so many changes this past year and the upcoming year is going to bring more. Kenny and I have been praying daily in hopes that God will guide us and that we won't take the reigns and try to guide ourselves. You know how sometimes you think that God is taking too long and you'll just take care of it for Him...We must be patient and pray. Keep us in your prayers the next couple of weeks.

God is so Good!

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Kelley said...

Pray for Debbie - Check!

Consider it done, girl.