Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Overload!!!! to JOY!!!

Have you ever wanted to go to Church, sit in a pew, sing to the top of your lungs, listen to the special music, enjoy the sermon of the day, shake hands and fellowship when it is finished and then go home and not think about Church again until the next week? Hmmm...could I do it...well after the past couple of months I am going to say...possibly.

I have been asking for prayer over the past couple of weeks. This is one of the requests that is HIGH on the list. I am beginning to think that I am having Church emotions overload. If it was just (I say just like our issues are not enough to stress me out) our church. I am still having issues with gossip that is told about PBF. I wish folks would ask me when they hear something. Are we so interesting that they can't get enough of us? I don't think so...we are just like every other church. All churches have problems and I can't understand why anybody would ever want to relish in the pain.

I want to talk about all of the great stuff that is going on...We are less than 6 months old and have a very strong base church started, We are out in the community every chance we get, we are having some amazing bibles studies (at church, in homes, and restaurants), we have three pastors that are dedicated to teaching and preaching Biblical truths, God has planted the seeds of excitement in our leaders and committees, our committees are dedicated to our church but most importantly God, we are prayer warriors, we are friends, we are there at the drop of a hat, we set up and tear down with a smile and laughter, we are an encouraging group of people and even in the worst of situations we are smiling and know God has a plan. (please tell this to all of your friends. :))

God has a plan for my amazing church family that has been through so much over the past year. GOD HAS A PLAN!!!! God is preparing us and making us even stronger through all of the struggles.

A pew sitter??? I know that is not for me. We have to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and most importantly our trusted Bible and move forward. We have to look to the future and put the past in the past. We have to FOCUS on what is important! We have to let the little aggravations slide off our backs. I am praying for a hedge of protection that is so thick and prickly that our joy will not be able to be touched. JOY in our Lord and Savior!!! Wow! Now that makes me smile!

God is so Good!

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Sara said...

It's when we get our focus off of Who we're focusing on that it becomes too much. I'll add you to my prayer list