Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just a proud mom...

Yesterday my daughter Alycia let met read her "25 Random Things" and let me tell you, I cried. The struggles we have had with her OCD's over the years have been intense. From third grade up until I guess about 2 yrs ago every day was a challenge. We went to the University of Florida a couple of years ago and that changed her life. Praise to God for leading us there. No more medication and a totally changed child. I am not saying that she is cured but they gave her the tools that she needed to cope with everyday life. You would be amazed at what she went through and I am so PROUD of her. Alycia is strong in her faith and has an amazing attitude. Here are four of her comments.

1. i love God
14. i have ocd's like crazy
15. when i was 14 i went to the University of Florida to a doctor that specialized in ocd's for 3 weeks
16. i blink a lot. and don't care what people say or think about it. cause i can't help it.

I am so proud of how strong my girl has become. She put God first on her list. I am still getting choked up as I type this today.

All of us have struggles in life and God provides us with the tools to cope. Amen!!!!

God is so Good!


Blessings and Joy said...

Her list is a testimony to the wonderful mom God has given her. Kids don't "just turn out" like that, they are raised to become like that. You and your husband have obviously given your daughter a stong foundation in the Lord and helped her to see that her OCD's are merely challenges and make her no less valuable in the sight of Almighty God. Good job, Mom.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I agree. We all have problems and need to look to God for the help that only He can provide. So glad your daughter is learning that from her mom!!! Have a blessed day!

Kendra Lee said...

There is no greater joy than to know that your children are walking in truth!