Monday, January 12, 2009

Dance for Jesus

I want to be able to dance for Jesus!!! I have felt so burdened here lately that I can not seem to feel the joy that I know that Jesus has waiting for me. This past week has been another struggle. I have struggled this week with an overwhelming amount of mixed feelings. One moment I am saying "Thank you God!" and the next I am asking "Why God?"

This past Thursday Bro. John asked Kacey to sing a song. He wanted her to sing a solo but said that if she couldn't do it he would find her a partner. So we started practicing the song below anticipating that she would be singing a duet. Every time she went over this the tears came. I had never heard this song. It was like God had sent me another song to praise Him. Kacey practiced the whole song because she didn't know what part she would be singing. Every time she sang it my heart felt better. Her sweet voice was so comforting. When we arrived at church Sunday we found out that he couldn't find her a partner so she sang the first and last verse and the praise team sang the rest with her. Kacey was so relieved. I was thankful that we didn't find out what she was singing until Sunday. If I had known that she was singing only the first and last verse I would of never been blessed by her singing all the verses to me. I would of never been blessed by this beautiful song. God is so Good!!!

I didn't post the song with all of the pretty pictures. I put the one with the words so If you haven't heard this song you can sing along. Sing along God will lift your spirits.

Sing for Jesus!


Kendra Lee said...

Music SO ministers to my core, and can touch me and break through struggles that are weighing me down. This is an awesome song!! Pray He continues to minister to your spirit through music and any other ways our creative Father only can!

Sara said...

What a beautiful story. Isn't it awesome when God prepares us perfectly and we don't even know He's doing it?! Thanks for sharing. I love that song. Kind of goes with the waiting theme. God must be doing something universally...I'm glad I'm part of it.

Sara said...

P.S. I love the new look of your blog. Great job!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I the new look of your blog and the song.