Friday, January 16, 2009

Camping inside w/o a fire PRAISE GOD!

This past Wednesday my youngest Kacey wanted to build a tent and camp in the living room. Wednesday had been a long day and Kenny and I were both "No I don't think tonight is a good night for this." I just wanted to go to bed and be comfortable. Sleeping on the floor just made me ache all over.

Thursday evening came and once again everyone was at home and Kacey wanted to build a tent and camp. Kenny grinned real big and said, "Ok after we play clue we will build a tent." (I couldn't believe it...he had worked out in freezing weather all day.) After dinner we all sat down and started playing Clue. Kacey had set up the game and had everything ready. We had been playing for about 30 minutes when I realized I had messed up something on my clue sheet. So I started trying to figure it out. Well...about an hour and twenty minutes into the game (Kenny was asking, "is this game ever going to end?") I started realizing that I wasn't the one messing up... something wasn't right and I was thinking that there wasn't a weapon in the envelope. I opened the little envelope and sure enough there wasn't a weapon in the middle which made it impossible for anybody to win. We all laughed like crazy. This was truly the game that would of never ended.

We put the game up and to my surprise Alycia my oldest said that she thought she would camp with us but she didn't want to sleep on the floor. She was going to sleep on the couch. We set the tent up. The old fashioned way. The way I remember setting up a tent when I was a kid. We brought the dining room chairs into the living room and pulled out all of the blankets we could find. We covered the chairs and made our tent and with the rest of the blankets we made us a bed to sleep on. I remember the bed being a whole lot softer when I was a kid.

Kacey and Wags in the tent. If you look closely you can see the back of Alycia's head. She is laying on the couch on the computer.

Kenny and Kacey played in the tent for a while then he fell asleep. Kacey laid down and read for awhile, Alycia caught up with friends on the computer and I watched the news. When we were about ready to go to bed I let Wags out and started turning the lights off. All of a sudden I started smelling something hot. It was really cold so at first I thought the emergency heat had kicked on but the longer I stood there I knew this was not the case. As I walked toward the door to let Wags in a flame shot up from the back of the couch. Immediately I realized that the computer cord was on fire. I jerked the cord out of the wall and out of the computer all the while trying to put the flame out. Praise God nothing but the cord was on fire and there was no damage or injuries.

This morning as Kenny and I were talking about the events of last night I told him how I felt that God had taken care of us last night. I am so sure of this because normally Alycia would of gone to her bedroom with the computer. She would of probably fell asleep while on the computer and the fire would of started in her room. I am so thankful that God put us all in the same room last night. It makes me sick to think what could of happened. I have praised God all day for protecting my family.

God is sooooo Goooooood! AMEN!


Kelley said...

First, of course, I'm kidding but I feel compelled to say...."that's what you get for taking a computer on a camping trip."

Seriously, praise God that ya'll were all together in this way when this happened. He is so good!

Sara said...

Wow, good for you for being such a fun mom and praise God for His mercies! Nothing is out of His sight -- WOW!