Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Think about it???

What if His people prayed?

Well as of today my resolution is going very well. I am reading my Bible regularly and I am reading and trying to apply Romans 12 to my daily life. There is one more thing that I am going to try to be dedicated to this year. PRAYER! I was listening to the song by Casting Crowns "What if His people prayed?" and a light bulb just came on in my head. As much as I pray...I know that I don't pray enough. As much as I pray...I know that the time I spend praying is not always just praying. As much as I pray...I need to dedicate a specific time just for prayer. You are probably thinking why doesn't she do this already...Well life seems to always get in the way. I am one of those moms that is praying while I am cooking, praying while I am cleaning, praying while I am folding, praying while I am pulling weeds and praying while I am driving down the road going seventy. Praying while...well I think...no I don't think it I know praying like my time is more important than HIS. How self involved am I? I know it is fine to be praying all through the day but I think God would love to have some one on one time with each of us daily.

Think about the song and how amazing our days would be if ALL OF HIS PEOPLE PRAYED. Prayed with the passion that we have at ballgames. Prayed with that kind of volume and intensity. (like at a UT football game) I know that I can't be praying for hours at a time every day but I think that it should be easy for me to have a quiet time each morning to start my day with the most faithful and loving person I know...God.

God is so Good!

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