Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Grogans

Granny Mary and Pa Gene

Saturday we spent Thanksgiving with my mom and dad. We had a wonderful time. Thanksgiving in Crossville is always so relaxing. I am an only child and it's just my family and mom and dad. This year we didn't eat the normal turkey dinner. Dad usually cooks but this year he decided on Chinese. That probably sounds crazy but by Saturday I was ready for something different. I was tired of all of the leftovers. Generals Tso's chicken, shrimp, hot and sour soup sounded great. Kacey had crab legs. She could eat her weight in them...that's not saying much. We played Rook. Dad and Alycia always win. Kacey and mom usually play as a team until Kacey gets tired and wants to do something else. Mom and I really screwed up this year we had a game with three 180 hands and still lost. Obviously we are doing something wrong. Most of the time my cards didn't help they looked like the ones below. Dad got himself a computer on black Friday. We helped him set it up so we can communicate through e-mail. He is going to enjoy his computer. He will be able to get in touch with a lot of his buddies from the military. Well mom and I will have to wait until Christmas Eve to play Rook again. Most years we stay up half the night trying to win a game. Hasn't happened yet. But we always have fun trying.

How blessed I am. God is so Good!

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Debbie - Your blog is just wonderful- I really enjoyed reading it. Some very deep thoughts in some of the posts- I'm very impressed.Keep up the good work!