Friday, December 26, 2008

The New Year

Looking back to be able to...Look Forward!

I don't know about you but this year has been a doosie. There have been so many ups and downs that I feel a little queasy. You know how you feel after you have been on a rip roaring roller coaster ride.
In this past year I have written all through my Bible prayers to help me get through all kinds of situations. Last year I had gotten a new Bible from my husband that had space to write notes in it on the sides. I think this was suppose to be for notes on sermons from the pastor but for some reason all through my Bible I have prayers written down. Prayer requests that run the gamut. They range from heart wrenching prayer requests all the way to praising Jesus for doing something miraculous.

As I read last night I thought to myself "Wow" what a year! I wonder what next year will bring. I am praying for less bumps and dips and more peeks and highs. If you have not been reading hear long you probably need to know a quick review. This is how this past year has gone...A new year a new preacher a new beginning/A lot of sadness, a lot of gladness another new beginning in July(PBF)...A new job in February at my church yeah!!/A lot of stress due to being on the wrong side and an eye opening view of how I was really viewed...great friendships that started the year off well/ only to be torn down by bad feelings...happy children that loved their church home/sad broken children that can not understand the adults...A beginning in July that was so blessed/an ending in December that has left us broken hearted for all you can see this year has been very emotional. The emotions at times have just nearly taken control of me and stopped me in my tracks but thank God for his love and comfort to help me through all of the ups and downs. Even through all of this I have such a peace that God is going to take care of it all. You are probably thinking lady you are crazy...Well through all of the madness God has had a way of guiding and providing a peace that is just unexplainable. Praise God!!

This past week we (our church) had an amazing gathering. I showed the pictures on here earlier. It was a Christmas party. Through all of the bumps and bruises we have come out stronger and more loving than you can ever imagine. God has put Providence Baptist Fellowship here in this community for a reason. God has a plan and I am so excited for the upcoming year. I can not believe that through all of this God has taken a sad group of people and gave them so much hope and happiness in our Lord, a staff of three wonderful men and gave them such direction and knowledge of what to do next, an amazing loving lady in the office that is so willing to do whatever to make things go smoothly, friendships that have grown closer and stronger in support of each other and the church, and a group of men that had been voted in many months ago that are so ready to help us move on and accomplish what God has in store for us. When you look at the all that is going on it is terribly hard not to see Gods hand in all of this...AMEN!!!! Our God is always here to provide we just have to be willing to let him lead.

After the past two weeks you would think that I would be ready to just throw in the towel but to tell you the truth I am so ready for the New Year to come and see what God has in store for us. I know that it is going to be amazing...I don't know why I would expect anything less. God is so Good all of the time! AMEN!!!

One of the last prayers that I had written in my Bible I would like to share with you today. This was the week after the resignation of our Pastor and I wasn't sure what to expect.

Dear God...What an amazing morning for you. You have blessed my heart so much this morning. Please watch over us and keep us safe. Keep us on track and for us to see your ways through all of this. I can feel you in control God. I can feel you blessing and healing at the same time through Bro. Joe's words this morning. God guide Tom, Joe and John and help them be strong in the next hours, days, weeks and years to come. Help them to see you so that they may guide us to you so your work in this community will continue. God I love you and can't wait to get started. Amen.

I know everything that happened is not a surprise to God. Everything works for the greater goodness of God and everything can be used for His Glory. Providence will move on and be stronger through our struggles! Amen!!!

God is so Good!

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