Monday, December 22, 2008

Our First...

PBF Family Christmas
Wow! You talk about an amazing night for God! Tonight was our first PBF Family Christmas celebration. I do believe that it was the coldest night so far this year. The wind was blowing so hard it hurt to walk from the car to the home where we were meeting. You've heard the saying, "The wind was blowing so hard it could cut you into." Well imagine twice that bad. You would of thought that the weather would of kept folks away. Not us we were all anxious to meet and have a wonderful family fellowship.

What an amazing blessed night this was for all of us. When we got home I hugged Kenny and told him that, "God is so Good and He is going take care of us." The feeling I got tonight was like your daddy giving you a big hug and that special word of comfort. You know the one where you feel all calm inside.
God is our "Father" and tonight I felt that big hug.
Wow! What an amazing night for God!!!

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