Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's just Wednesday?!?!

Today is Wednesday? Your kidding right...I feel like I have ran right past Friday and jumped into Monday again. This has been a long week if you haven't already noticed. I sat down here this morning and thought there were a lot of things that I could discuss, some not so pretty, but today I needed a smile.

What makes me smile?
  • Jesus!

  • My girls Alycia and Kacey.

  • When Kenny calls just to talk about nothing.

  • A new baby (I saw a pic of one yesterday, Wow! Big smile!)

  • Alycia with her friends.

  • Kacey when she is reading a book (she loves reading)

  • Bible Study with the wonderful ladies.

  • The leaves falling in the back yard.

  • Friends that stop what there doing and pray with you.

  • When friends show up just to say they care.

  • Sunday evening Bible Study.

  • A fire in the fireplace on a chilly morning.

  • Thanksgiving dinner at Jans.

  • When Mom and Dad come for Christmas.

  • Wags when he makes a certain growling sound.

  • The sound of the beach.

  • Blogging!

  • Reading Blogs

  • When my house is clean. (not very often)

  • When we pull up at church on Sunday.

  • Kacey bouncing around the house.

  • Alycia driving.

  • flip flops

  • The first morning you realize that spring is here.

  • getting a tan

  • Summer youth trips.

Just thinking about all of the things that make me smile...makes me feel like I can make it to the end of the week. Friday always makes me smile. I hope you are having a great week and if not...sit down and make a smile list. It works!

God is so Good!

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Niki Ary said...

What a great way to count your blessings and not focus on the ungliness that surrounds us sometimes. God is in control and He has blessed us greatly! Thank you for this beautiful reminder.