Saturday, November 22, 2008

5 days and counting...


Five days until one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving seems to be less stress for me. I don't have to cook at my house so I don't have to stress about my house being clean. I have exactly 25 days left before I have to stress about my house being clean.

Maker of yeast rolls. YUM!!!
We all go to Jan's house and cook Thanksgiving dinner. We have green beans (usually Granny Noland's canned green beans), mashed potato's, Uncle Dap's famous twice baked potato's, marshmallow sweet potato's, almond sweet potato's, Granny Jan's dressing, home made yeast rolls, cranberry sauce and of course turkey. I guess you can see that we love potato's. Everyone has a favorite and one year we tried to make just one and that really back fired. That will never happen again! Who would think a person could get so upset over potatoes?

I am getting ready to go to the store...guess what I am buying? POTATO'S

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L.S.Fisher said...

Happy Turkey Day! It's one of my favorite holidays too. See my blog post. :)