Thursday, August 28, 2008

I can't fint it...

...where is the brush?
...where is the controller?
...where are my keys?
...where is my phone?
...where is the leash?
...where is that stack of bills?
...where did I put my purse?
...where is my charger?
...where are my shoes?

Where? Where? Where?

Holy cow! My life seems to be one big treasure hunt here lately. I have always prided myself in being able to multi task and keep up with everything. Not any more...I have bypassed turning into my mother and went straight to the nursing home crowd. I expect these "where" questions from Kenny and the kids, but not from me. I have always said that Kenny couldn't find his behind with both hands. (I didn't say it that nicely either!Ha!) Now these days when Kenny asks "Where is the controller." I answer, "I don't know ask the kids." If it wasn't for the kids we would be sitting in our recliners in front of a black screen. Now that I think about it, it is a big black screen. Where did that come from? HA!

Several years ago my mom told me a story about her Aunt Lou. Lou was in a nursing home. Mom would always go visit, pick up her laundry, and do a few things around the room. This particular day Lou had lost her false teeth. Mom had looked everywhere for them. She even went and checked in the lost and found. (Never thought about finding teeth there.) She was coming down the hall when she heard someone say, "I found some teeth." The lady started telling that she had brought her dad lunch. When she washed her hands she noticed that his teeth were in a cup in the bathroom soaking. While she was getting everything ready her dad just started eating. She asked him if he needed his teeth and he said, "No, I have my teeth." Well as it turned out he had Lou's teeth in his mouth. Mom never figured out how this happened.

The other day I had a lady tell me to put a string around my finger to help me remember. Well I think the moral to this story is to put a string on your teeth or whatever it is you keep misplacing.

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