Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well today is another first that I am experiencing. This is my first Blessed blog post. I am excited but a little scared. I have never really put my thoughts, ideas or feelings out there for someone else to read.

Let me explain the title. Over the past six weeks my life has been filled with firsts. All of these firsts have had to do with my new church. We have had our first service, our first baptism, our first Wednesday night bible study meeting, our first fellowship, the first day I did not cry, our first signing of the covenant, our first official day of being Providence Baptist Fellowship. All of these have been exciting, but there have also been some first that were not as pleasant. The first time I had to drive by the old church, the first newsletter I received that I wasn't a part of, the first week that went by that I didn't work there, the first time I ran into someone from THBC that I had not seen since the vote, and the first invitation back to a function and all of the anxiety that this brought up. Gosh, I could go on an on for days. All in all one of my favorite firsts is when I realized that God is in control of everything and none of this could of happened without Him. He has brought me to a place in my life that I am reading, seeking, studying, singing, praising, and hitting my knees daily for Him and Him alone. God is so Good and he is BLESSING daily!

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