Saturday, April 25, 2009

Peace Signs & BBQ

A couple weeks ago I posted about our day at the Buttercup Festival. I couldn't figure out where some of my pictures were and low and behold today I found them on my phone. I don't remember taking them with my phone but I'm glad I found them.

I took a picture of Kacey's dream car. A yellow VW Bug...not sure why yellow but whatever floats her boat. She is just 12 so she will probably grow out of this. While we were car watching by our booth she said, "hey mom...look at that peace sign on that car...I want one of those on my bug." I turned to look at the peace sign and it was connected to a Mercedes...we laughed! Maybe I will bling her bug out for her and add a Mercedes emblem to it.

We had planned on eating BBQ at the festival but they sold out. I really wanted BBQ...and it hit me...a couple days before I had been told about a BBQ joint up the road. When I say joint you have to take into consideration that at this place you can get some wonderful BBQ and also get your oil changed at the same time. I am not kidding...the garage is around back underneath the restaurant. I want you to know I think it was some of the best food I have ever eaten. Kenny had a fried bologna sandwich and I had the famous Redneck Taco. I made the joke that it was so good that I slapped Kenny...I didn't but it was that good.

Martin's BBQ

This fried bologna sandwich was more like a burger.

The Red Neck Taco has pork BBQ, sauce, coleslaw on top of a cornmeal pancake. Mmmm, Mmmm Good!

God is so Good!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Fried bologna? Never heard of that!! Your meal looks good! Hopefully your daughter can one day get her dream car...keep dreaming!!!

So blessed! said...

YUM. Love fried bologna. Just not too good for you though. Maybe once a year???
That all looks so yummy.

amanda said...

amanda :)

Kendra Lee said...

Never had a "red neck taco" before... but it looks YUMMY!!